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A Message from the Creator of EBook Self-Publishing Secrets

Dear Friends,

If you’re like me, you dislike sales pitches that over-promise or don’t deliver.

But as you read this, you might be frustrated with thoughts like…

“Why is it so easy for millions of people to make money online, but not me?”

“Why do so many marketers tell you what to do to make money online, but never reveal the secrets exactly HOW they do it?”

And,”Is it really possible to make money self-publishing eBooks online?”

Before you read any further, wouldn’t you like to finally hear someone who’s walked the walk, fought the battle, and earned money online speak the truth?

From my heart to your ears, believe me when I say…

You’re not going to make a million dollars overnight.
In fact, I’ve only generated $268,093 by selling my two eBooks on (ClickBank is the world’s largest platform for ordinary people to sell digital goods. ClickBank also gives you a powerful affiliate marketing sales force to help sell your eBooks… your ‘secret weapon’. )
How I got into eBook writing was through my passion for natural healing methods. Do you also have a passion or interest you can build on? My first eBook was a simple one about the Buteyko breathing method which I discovered got me off all the asthma drugs I was taking. I had numerous email testimonials from people who learned the technique from my eBook and found it life-changing.
“… I am thrilled. I am forever grateful.
An answer to prayer”
M. Nelson, Studio City, California.
Please note I have no medical training. I am not giving you health advice. You should always talk with your chosen health professional before embarking on or changing your drug regime. My second eBook was a collection of studies of gentle, complementary cancer approaches I researched, for patients to discuss with their family and treating physicians.
Bill Henderson, the respected author of Cancer Free, gave me a kind testimonial:
“The best reference books on alternative
cancer treatments”

To market the above eBooks, I discovered another passion, internet marketing.Like I did in my ‘day job’ as an IT consultant, internet marketing was just another system to analyze and identify what gets results fast. I was shocked when my earnings topped a quarter of a million dollars, but I like to get results fast by the shortest and most effective routes. A publishing house in the US bought my books a couple of years ago, to split up into a series of smaller books and articles.

So while $268,093 might seem like a lot of money, it’s not an overreaching number. But I wasn’t an internet marketer when I launched my first two books, which is why it took me YEARS to uncover the secrets I’m sharing with you today. In fact, I’m fortunate that my professional training as an IT consultant gave me the skills to unearth these secrets.

To show you that I have the skills and integrity to give you what I’m promising, this is a summary of my professional career spanning 30 years you can view on LinkedIn.

Senior Business Analyst
Business Benefits Consultant
Project Manager
Government and Private corporations
including Police Forces and
Hospital Groups
Senior Consultant Shell Petroleum Nigeria, Malaysia
Systems Analyst Prudential Assurance England

And that’s why I’ve created this system under the assumption that you’re not an internet marketer…

You don’t have unlimited time…

You don’t have any knowledge about how to easily create and sell an eBook online, and you don’t have any idea where to begin.

When you invest in EBook Self-Publishing Secrets, you’ll be investing in the most-comprehensive, easy-to-implement, step-by-step system available on the internet today, for taking what you know or research, and legally transforming it into extra cash flow…
Without worrying about returning to school for an advanced degree (because all you’ll need is a 7th grade writing level and the ability to follow step by step directions)
Without an established reputation as an expert in your (or any) field
Without thousands of dollars set aside to ‘generate website traffic’ (you’ll learn the quick and easy steps to quickly build a steady stream of 100% FREE traffic)
And without wasting your entire life savings on buying multiple ‘Get Rich Quick Online’ programs that NEVER deliver. (If they did, why aren’t the creators scaling up their use and making themselves MEGA rich?)

So let me assure you…

–moms, dads, retirees, professionals, experts, coaches, teachers and even students—people who make a difference and could use a little extra support to generate the income that allows life-changing missions to continue.

I’ve spent more than 5 years creating, honing and perfecting this proven system so that you can…

Implement EVERY Critical, Proven, No-Hassle Step in the Entire Process
For LESS Than You’ll Spend on a Weeks’ Worth of Groceries (See Exactly How Little You’ll Invest to Get Started Below)
Item Cost
1. Investing in your own business with the purchase of this guide:
EBook Self-Publishing Secrets. Tick.
2. Acquiring a Search Engine Friendly Website Name
(I’ll reveal in section 3.1 where I find the ones the search engines rank the fastest, how to choose your name, and what to do next…)
3. Creating an Intriguing EBook Cover Image
(You’ll discover in section 4.1 where to go, who to ask, and how to get an eBook
image you’ll be proud to market for only 5 bucks!)
4. Your First Month of Website HostingBONUS: Now you can get 25% off your entire first bill because… I’ve pre-negotiated to lower your price. Simply go to, whom I’ve chosen (for their superior customer service, reasonable cost, and dedication to helping their clients), select my recommended ‘Baby Plan’ web hosting, and enter my coupon code KARONS25PERCENT to instantly see 25% drop off your entire first bill! [Hint: Prepay for a year or two for maximum savings] $6.50
5. Your First Month of Professional Auto-responder Service
(Note: You’ll see services I’ve hand-picked for their proven ability to help you get started quickly, in section 4.5.
6. ClickBank Activation Fee $49.95
Total $118.45

By now you may be wondering, “Why just $47 for this system”

Other than the fact that I’m dedicated to giving the hardest working among us a well-deserved break… I want it to be affordable for the ordinary person. It took me more than 5 years to construct EBook Self-Publishing Secrets which breaks down each click you’ll make to get started with an abundance of step-by-step screenshots so you know you’re performing the right action every time.

The 7 Module, step-by-step system I describe in
my 240 page eBook, EBook Self-Publishing Secrets, includes:
Step 1: Setup Your Business
When you open your EBook Self-Publishing Secrets Dashboard
you’ll get instant access to the secrets which allow you to
quickly and easily…

Set up your FREE Clickbank DIY account
Safeguard your username & password
Get Clickbank to accept your new account without proving you’re an online expert
Become intimately familiar with the secrets that top internet marketers use to generate income with the Clickbank marketplace
Tell Clickbank where to deposit your fortnightly earnings you’ll see in the coming weeks.
Step 2: Create Your eBook

Next comes my favorite part where you’ll discover how to…

Uncover the right info-hungry market niche for your first eBook topic
Quickly and easily compile all the research you need for your highly desirable topic
Organize all of your new-knowledge into an easy-to-write format so that all you have to do is fill-in-the-gaps with the research you’ve compiled
Reduce your effort by outsourcing the pieces that you’d prefer not to tackle alone like proof-reading, and graphic design
Collect all of the high-sales creating testimonials you’ll need to get more sales
Create a professional eBook cover
And once you’ve created a polished work you’re happy with, you’ll learn how to convert your eBook into the thief-proof PDF that Clickbank requires.
Step 3: Plan Your Website

Now that you’ve implemented steps 1 and 2, it’s time to discover the least expensive way to create your ‘online sales space’ including…

How to choose the right ‘Search Engine Friendly’ domain name for your website
How to get 25% off of website hosting (with my special bonus gift to you)
How to get your new WordPress site up and running (it’s a simple, 5 click process)
How to choose the perfect ‘plugins’ and ‘themes’ to create a high-converting, fully-optimized, 90% automated sales space for your book—while saving you effort, time, and money.
How to craft high-converting sales copy that attracts, resonates, and connects with your new customers.
How to source your ‘Bonus’ freebies.
Plus you’ll discover how to create more profit with every sale with my unique section on identifying products to upsell.
Step 4: Build Your Website

By the time you’re finished building your website you’ll know the easiest, and most cost-effective way to…

Create a sales-inspiring video that increases your conversion rates up to 128%
Build your opt-in page and upload a ‘freebie’ that people can download in exchange for their name and email (it’s the #1 proven way to build a list who will buy from you over and over again)
Construct your sales page (it’s as simple as clicking “Add page”, pasting in your sales copy, and adding a few images)
Optimize your website so that customers see what you’re offering when they use popular search engines (because if they don’t see what you’re selling, they’ll never get the opportunity to buy)
Upload the your eBook, Bonus freebies, and upsells (all of the digital products that people receive after they send you money) with the free, easy-to-use tool I recommend.
Craft a sales-driving set of auto-responder emails, upload them to your autoresponder, and schedule the timeline for each one to be sent (if you do it the way I’ll reveal, you’ll only have to set it up once to see sales for years to come).
Step 5: Support Your Affiliates
( Your free online commission – only sales professionals )

Affiliates, many with large lists of hungry-buyers, will love to work with you because unlike most new eBook writers you’ll understand how to…

Deliver the tools that help your affiliates make more sales
Create a knowledge-hungry crowd of ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ that will position you as a caring expert in your eBook field
Identify and Recruit “Super” affiliates (experts in the field of online marketing who will happily share what you’ve written with their personal list of trusting customers)
Plus you’ll learn the fine art of motivating your affiliates to focus on promoting your eBook, using the tools and scripts you’ll be shown (because it’s all about communicating, and offering the RIGHT incentives and support).
Step 6: Market Your Product
(AKA. FREE Online Marketing 101)

This comprehensive, yet easy-to-implement section includes everything you’ll need to market your eBook (or any online product) online including…

How to get FREE traffic (you’ll discover more than 500 sources and tools for no-budget traffic in places where most online sellers would never imagine looking).
How to leverage your newly created Social Media Presence to find people who need your eBook.
How to attract more Organic Customers by making your page one of the first your customers see when they look for solutions on popular search engines (Think about how you buy when you search Google—the highest rankings get the most clout—and the highest sales).
How to write intriguing articles for your website that get read, create rapport, position you as an expert, and increase sales.
Step 7: Fine Tune Your Business

When you implement these easy-to-follow steps, you’ll discover how to increase your income by…

Analyzing your website traffic (who’s buying, who’s not, and where you should focus your efforts when you’re ready to see more interested customers land on your sales page).
Understanding why you’re making sales (and how you can capture more of the sales you’ve missed).
Testing your upsell (to see where there is room for more profit).
Reviewing your price-points (could you double your sales by decreasing your price by just 10%, or will raising your price attract more of your ideal customers?).
Boosting your traffic with more Google-friendly Search Engine Optimization.
Recruiting more affiliates who enjoy their commissions from selling what you’re offering.

Every critical step and insider secret I’ve revealed throughout EBook Self-Publishing Secrets is designed so that you can quickly get to seeing profit from your first eBook.

Plus when you sign up today you’ll get instant access to these 11 hard-to-come-by Bonuses.

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New eBook publishers love this colorful A3/ ledger sized poster because it depicts very step you need to take, allowing you to see how many tasks you’ve completed, and how close you are to launching into profit. Now you can celebrate each milestone along your business-building pathway, while planning for what you’ll do next, all by following this powerful visual tool.

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Some people have even managed to leverage these sources to create entire info-marketing eBooks for sale on ClickBank or Amazon Kindle—in less than 48 hours.

BONUS #4: 101 Tips to Use Social Media to Explode Sales of Your EBooks


You’ll be shown how to use Social Media to work for you explosively and increase your profits, for your eBook, or for any other product or service you are selling on the internet. The focus in marketing today is based on connecting and sharing, and Google and FaceBook will reward you when you get this right. Everything to do is explained in this eBook.

BONUS #5-11: The Ultimate PLR (Private Label Rights) Suite


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Considering accelerating how quickly you’ll turn-out and profit from your first ten eBooks?

Then you’ll enjoy honing your skills with the Ultimate PLR Suite.

You’ll get the most up-to-date information from underground marketing experts in this suite of hard-to-come-by guides I’ve hand-picked for you, including:

Insiders’ Copywriting secrets for irresistible sales copy:

How to Copywrite Right is a gentle introduction to this most valuable skill.

The Speedy Guide to Web Copywriting goes into deeper detail. Learn how to write your own sales copy in just one day.

And to sum it all up is the excellent $1,000,000 Copywriting Secrets. Get ready to discover these killer copywriting secrets to supercharge your marketing!

Embark on a journey to prosperity… with these secrets that Successful Achievers use:

When you learn these Easy Productivity Secrets, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get more done in less time!

In I Can Do It!, discover 200 empowering self-help tips that will help you achieve anything in life.

Work at Home gives you insider information to help setup your work from home business!

And Building the Business Brain will help you develop the right mindset to transition from employee to entrepreneur!
Now you can get instant access to every easy-to-implement step covered in EBook Self-Publishing Secrets PLUS all ELEVEN bonuses today for the low one-time investment of just $77 $47.
After you purchase, EBook Self-Publishing Secrets and the 11 bonuses will be yours to download IMMEDIATELY, even at 2AM! Downloading is estimated to take 10 minutes for the average speed computer.
The files are in PDF format and are readable and printable on every computer using the free Adobe Acrobat reader software.
Because I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn the quickest and easiest way to earn money online, I’m offering an UNCONDITIONAL No-Risk, No-Questions-Asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you, for any reason, you decide that EBook Self-Publishing Secrets isn’t the mostcomprehensive, easy to follow, step-by-step guide to work from home profits available today, then you can email Clickbank for an INSTANT refund—365 days a year.
If you’re ready to act with integrity, and follow the proven steps I’ve laid out in EBook Self-Publishing Secrets, then I’ll happily teach you the secrets to…
Creating an automated selling machine that works for you 24/7/365.
Saving thousands of dollars and years on seminars that ‘drip feed’ what you’ll learn here
Creating an online, work from home business for less than $120 (Yes, that includes your NO RISK $47 investment today)
Building a high-quality, customer friendly, sales-driving website 100% FREE
Plus you’ll discover the easiest (and fastest) way to create your eBook 100% FREE
(it’s a high-demand bonus normally reserved for my most dedicated clients — but it’s yours when you buy EBook Self-Publishing Secrets today).
“Karon’s information is life-changing. If you can dream it, Karon will show you how to make it happen!”
Paul Luxford, Gold Coast Business Websites
“I’ve known Karon for over 20 years and I’ve seen her professional advice make and save piles of money for her clients!”
K. Szymczyk, Ebook publisher
YES, Karon,
I’m ready to discover the easiest way to write, launch, and market an online EBook in any niche I’d like, and get instant access to EBook Self-Publishing Secrets PLUS my ELEVEN Bonuses (worth over $225) today for the low introductory price of just $77 $47.
Listen, it doesn’t matter if you decide to buy now at just $47, or in a few days when the price returns to $77. What matters is that you’ve been given a profound opportunity… The opportunity to look back at your life, this time next year, and say, YES, I finally did everything I could, with what I had, from where I was at—and succeeded in giving myself and the people I love the life they deserve.


I wish you the best, however quickly you take action…


Karon Beattie demonstrates how to work from home

Kindest Regards,
Karon Beattie

Peter’s mom
$268,093 Online EBook Sales Earner
And Creator of EBook Self-Publishing Secrets
Karon Beattie with work from home