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What do Successful EBook Self-Publishers Do Right?

What do Successful EBook Self-Publishers Do Right?

What do Successful EBook Self-Publishers Do Right? With the evolution of technology, eBooks have taken over the publishing world. Millions of eBooks are published and sold every year. With this new market, comes new opportunities for would be writers to publish and sell their stories.

Many people dream of becoming famous as writers. Stories of other authors who have successfully turned their eBooks into global sensations, inspire many to try following in their footsteps. But with the millions of eBooks being published every year, how can writers get their books to stand out from the internet slush pile to become the next best seller?

Niche Researching

Before even writing the book, research is crucial. Writers need to spend time finding their niche. What are people reading? What do they want to know or be entertained by? Writing a book that only interests the author is not going to sell. The book needs to be intriguing for the readers.  It needs to fulfill the reader’s wants and needs. Using platforms such as social media sites, email lists and blogs to ask people what type of book they would like to read will go a long way towards developing an intriguing story or non-fiction book that people will want to buy.

Once the research has been completed, the information gathered can be used to create an outline for the book. The story should be creative and unique. Readers don’t want a book that falls into the “same story, different author” category. They want a fresh, unique story. Every genre has millions of stories.   Write a story that stands out. And that contains something unique of yourself.

Proofreading and editing

Once the book is written, it is crucial to have someone else proof read and edit the story.   It’s very easy to miss grammatical and spelling errors when we do our own proofreading.   Once the book is published, these errors cannot be corrected. An author will lose a lot of credibility with readers if there are grammatical or spelling mistakes.


Once a book has been written and edited, a writer needs to focus on the visual presentation.   A book should be polished, professional and visually appealing inside and out.   Creating an eye-catching title and cover page as well as properly formatting the inside of the book will go a long way towards attracting and retaining customers. As the saying goes “you only have one chance to make a good impression”. Make that chance count right at the beginning.

Once the book is published, the marketing campaign begins. Marketing a book is an ongoing process. Continuous, promotion is required. Frequent posting on social media sites, blogs and web pages is crucial. Creating social media pages for the book and author websites are great marketing tools.

Focus marketing on your potential buyers and build relationships with them. If these buyers become fans, they will look for other books by the same author, referring the book to people they know.

Publishing a book has now become a more tangible goal for many writers. Turning that book into a best seller can be done with commitment, dedication and ongoing effort.



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