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Sources of Free Images for your Website, Posts and eBooks

Sources of Free Images for your Website, Posts and eBooks

Images have a HUGE impact in our self-published eBooks and articles affecting whether people will be drawn to your writings.

You know this yourself: how eye-catching a picture is next to a set of words versus just a set of words.

We must always respect copyright and image-licensing laws. Never just copy an image from Google Images and use it in your eBook or on your website.

Here are my favorite sources of free images –

Your mobile phone camera or digital camera

A great source of free images is to capture your own with your mobile phone camera or digital camera! Do not laugh. This source is often overlooked, but once you know some basic photography rules, you will be surprised what you can create. And your surroundings and habits that may be commonplace to you could be of riveting interest to others.

Wikipedia Public Domain image resources

When you go to this page, scroll down and you will see literally hundreds of collections of free images. That’s right, not just hundreds of images, but hundreds of collections of free images.

Public Domain Photos

This page is an amazing resource. For example, at random I clicked on one of the collections, (, and downloaded the following interesting photo for free. I can now modify and use it for any purpose (in an article called “Jump! How Not to Lose Your Nerve When You’re on the Edge” or “Fear Set In? How Not to Bug-Out at the Last Moment.” I apologize. I need to take a break and move away from the computer. But you can see what I’m suggesting here.)

free image of a lady bug


morgueFile is a website database of free high resolution digital stock photography for either corporate or public use. In the newspaper business, a “morgue file” is a place to keep postproduction materials for use as reference. The creator states: “The purpose of this site is to provide free image reference material for use in all creative pursuits. This is the world wide web’s morguefile.” The morgueFile’s free license allows adaptation and commercial use, without attribution. You will love this site. Just enter keywords to find your suitable photo. It contains around 300,000 free photos last time I visited.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr is a photo-sharing site, and a Creative Commons Attribution License may allow you to use an image for commercial uses. Check the attribution license for each image, but at the moment, there are over 40 million of these attribution license images available for you to peruse. describes itself as “the supersonic, thrifty, all-in-one picture finder, resizer and attribution builder for bloggers. A lean, scrappy, bootstrapping web start-up…” There are some great images here and you can download 5 images per month for free by signing-in with Google.

Below is an image I just downloaded for free. Flickr is the source of Wylio’s photos. But by using Wylio, you can find relevant Flickr photos faster and you know for sure that your usage is legal.

free images of a beachstock.xchng

Stock.XCHNG has nearly half a million free photos that can be used for most purposes, including commercial purposes. Below is a beautiful photo I just downloaded for free (Image ID: 1224042)


free images of a creek


There are some great images available here, including the one below. Under the Creative Commons license employed, a link back to Freestock is required.

freestock bird photo

Stock Photos for Free

There are over 100,000 free stock photos here you can download after you register.

Digital Dreamer

Some good images can be downloaded from here by creating a free account.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Finally, refer to my eBook “Make Money with Millions of Free Public Domain Books” for more sources of thousands of free images.




If you are willing to pay for your images, then my favorite and least costly site recommendations are, followed by has also become a recent favorite.

The others are all quite expensive I find, whether they are by subscription, or individual image or package purchase.

Visit regularly and pick up one of their regular free offers for a week’s worth of images. It costs you nothing for 35 images – any image, any size – as long as you cancel before the week ends.

I hope you have found this article helpful to increase the visual appeal in your article and eBook publishing.


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