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How to remain productive while working from home

How to remain productive while working from home

Working from home is often the ultimate dream for creative minds. Being able to work your own hours, while enjoying the freedom of doing what you want is very enticing.


While it all sounds incredibly exciting, the reality is, it can be hard to stay productive. Unless you live on your own, the distractions at home, can be troublesome.

So the question is, how can you stay focused when your adorable puppy is begging with sad eyes, for food, cuddles or attention? What about the neighbours that drop in for a morning chat, or those dirty dishes that keep calling your name?


Today we will discuss the importance of a distraction-free, productive home office.


Working from home can be an incredible, rewarding experience but does require some careful planning. This is my list of the top five ways to succeed at working from home.


No one plan will work for everyone. You need to assess what is required for you to stay focused and productive.

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Tip number one: Keep your personal space and workspace separate. Setting up an office or dedicated space to work in, will help increase productivity tremendously. Sitting in your recliner with your favourite dvd in the background, can greatly decrease your ability to concentrate and focus. For optimal work progress, keep the two separate.




Tip number two: Organise your morning ritual. Set yourself a definite start time and end time for your work day, just as you would if you were employed elsewhere. Also allow for breaks to keep your mind fresh.


Tip number three: Make sure you have all the equipment, stationary and sundries that you need to complete your tasks. You can acquire them secondhand, if funds are limited, but to ensure you produce your best work, this is very important.



Tip number four: Dress for work whether you have clients visit or not. While working from home, it can be really tempting to stay in your comfy pjs all day. Looking the part can greatly affect how you feel about yourself. The more time you put into your appearance, the more professional and productive you will feel. Same goes for when you finish your work day. Change into your comfy ‘home’ clothes.




Tip number five: Be flexible. Whether we work from home or for an employer, there will be times, when things come up, and we are unable to work. Planning is the key. Be flexible with your schedule, so if you do need to take some time off ‘away from the office’ you have a back up plan. Having time off it completely fine. We are all entitled to days off and holidays. In fact, taking a short break is great for the body and mind. Prompt new ideas and increased productivity with a rested mind.


With planning and structure, it is quite possible to work successfully from home.

Do you have other tips for being productive while working from home? Leave them in the comments below.
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