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How to publish and sell eBooks on Amazon

How to publish and sell eBooks on Amazon

Amazon has the numbers!

Yes, Amazon is a great way to sell your eBooks online because it is a tried and tested online market place giving you increased exposure to a massive prospective customer base. Plus, Amazon has over 310 million active customer accounts, worldwide. Those impressive numbers, make it obvious that all self-publishers should consider listing their products on Amazon.

Self-publishing eBooks is made easy with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. Simply sign on with your amazon account. If you don’t already have one, creating it is quick and easy.


Benefits of publishing ebooks on Amazon

You will be viewing your Kindle Bookshelf when you first sign in. hmm, it looks a bit empty? Don’t worry, your bookshelf will be filled with your eBooks in no time.


Kindle Direct Publishing

Let’s get started.


Next, select the “Kindle eBook” button on the left-hand side of your Bookshelf page.


sell eBooks on Amazon

In the publishing screen, enter the details of your new eBook. Including the title, description and so on. There are a few other fields to fill in, for example, if it is part of a series, list of contributors, the publisher, publication date and the like. Pretty basic questions. Importantly, you need to verify your publishing rights. Put simply, it is asking if you have the rights to publish the work.

Selecting your categories is very important, as is setting your keywords. You want your book to reach the right audience, so chose them carefully. You can edit them later, but why not save time, and select the right ones from the start.

Choose to release your book now or make it available for Pre-order. At this stage, you can save as a draft or save and continue.

Submit your manuscript/eBook content after selecting your DRM. (Digital Rights Management) If you are not sure what this is, Amazon provides information links in this section. Recommended upload formats are .doc, .docx. HTML, MOBI, ePub, RTF, Plain Text and KPF.

We’re almost there. Next step is to upload your book cover. Using an eye-catching image will help your eBook stand out for the rest, and potentially increase sales. Amazon provides a Cover Creator tool or you can upload your own eBook cover. Uploading a cover is optional, but I highly recommend using one.

You can preview your book, and if you are not happy with how it all looks, then hit “Save as draft” and make edits before you publish it.

If you selected ‘save and continue’, you will now be asked if you wish to enrol in the KDP.  Will you be selling your eBook exclusively on Amazon? if so, you will want to choose to the KDP Select, where you agree to list your book exclusively with Amazon for 90 days. This is optional, but there are some benefits for doing this. For the duration of the 90 days, Amazon will place you in their Kindle Owner’s Lending Library where members of Amazon Prime can ‘borrow’ your book for free. ‘For FREE?’ Why would I want to do that? – Because you will be paid royalties for pages that an individual customer reads in your eBook for the first time.

Select territories where you hold distribution rights. Most authors will choose worldwide, but if you only want to sell to, or have publishing rights in certain countries, now is the time to set them.

Choose your royalty rates. Amazon currently offers two rates, 35% (available for all eBooks) and 70% (only for books between $2.99 and $9.99).

Did you know? The minimum price you can sell your eBook for is 99 cents.

Kindle Book Lending is the very last field to fill out. This is a simple yes or no choice. If you click ‘Allow lending for this book, it means that someone who purchases your book can lend it to someone else for a period of 14 days. I will keep my opinions on this to myself.

The last step is to press Publish Your Kindle eBook. And that’s it.

Once you upload your eBook, it will be reviewed before it is published to the Kindle store. This can take up to 72 hours.

Displayed on the far right of your title, is the current status. Following your eBook being approved, it will change from “Publishing” to “Live”.

Still not happy once it is live? In your bookshelf you can edit, change or delete the eBook. This is also where you can keep track of your sales.

This process is quite simple, and offer a great opportunity for all eBook self-publishers but especially for those just starting out.



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