Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is posted in compliance with the current regulations of the United States Federal Trade Commission, to protect you as well as to protect EBook Self-Publishing Secrets.

Email Privacy

We respect your privacy and will never sell, trade or give away your personal information to third parties under any circumstances.

When subscribing to our newsletters you provide us with your first name and email address. This information is used only to send out our newsletters. Every email contains Unsubscribe information and a recipient can unsubscribe at any time.

Our customers give us permission to be subscribed to a customers’ mailing list. Every email contains Unsubscribe information and a recipient can unsubscribe at any time.

Privacy of Purchases

Customers who purchase products through this website do so through ClickBank’s Secure Payment Form and must provide their country of residence, ZIP or postal code, name, email address, and credit card details. All credit card, online check, and PayPal transactions take place within an external third party secure server, and do not take place on this website.

For further information, view ClickBank’s Customer Privacy Policy.

Credit card numbers, checking account numbers, and secure PayPal account information are never revealed to us, neither during or after a purchase transaction, nor is any such information stored on this website nor kept by us at any other location in any form.

Children’s Privacy

Our Terms and Conditions request that you acknowledge you are aged 18 or over to use this website or make a purchase. We do not solicit or knowingly collect personal information from children aged under 18, and will immediately delete that information if it is brought to our attention. Please visit the United States Federal Trade Commission for advice on protecting children’s privacy online.