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ClickBank for Beginners

clickbank for beginners

It goes without saying that every writer would want to make money online using their ebooks or written material. It’s also a fact that there are many avenues that you can take advantage of as writer to make money online. Today we are going to talk about one of the many ways you can be […]

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Are You Advertising on Facebook Yet

Advertise on facebook

With over a billion people currently registered and active, Facebook is emerging as the perfect online platform for reaching out to a wider audience of people with different ideology. With its easy step by step set up procedure Facebook is quickly surpassing big online companies such as Google and Yahoo as the go to site […]

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10 Ways to Get a Free Website

How to get a free website

With the ever growing number of users online, it goes without saying that in this day and age, everyone needs a website. A website is a common tool for many companies, well known personalities or just any individual who strive to have an online presence. Thus the question is, is it possible for one to […]

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Making Money with Affiliate Marketing – Are you Missing Out?

Make money with affiliate marketing

There is good money that can be made from affiliate programs but this all depends on some factors like: – how committed one is, the experience and the traffic in the site one is using. Affiliate marketing is where one is paid or rewarded according to their performance i.e. when an affiliate helps promote and […]

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What do Successful EBook Self-Publishers Do Right?

ebook self-publishers

What do Successful EBook Self-Publishers Do Right? With the evolution of technology, eBooks have taken over the publishing world. Millions of eBooks are published and sold every year. With this new market, comes new opportunities for would be writers to publish and sell their stories. Many people dream of becoming famous as writers. Stories of […]

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My Top 5 EBook Publishing Platforms

Ebook publishing platforms

EBook publishing platforms have undergone a great revolution to include Kindle, eBooks, and teleseminars. There are several platforms that writers may use in publishing an eBook. These include Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBooks, Barnes and Noble’s Nook. This revolution in publishing platforms clearly exemplifies that the world is moving towards decentralized publishing models. The following platforms […]

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Making Money Online through Ebook Self-Publishing

Successfulyl Make Money Online through Ebook Self-Publishing

There is nothing more satisfying than working from the comfort of home at your own convenience. This explains why much has been written and said about work from home and making money online. There are numerous ways of making money online and ebook self-publishing is just one of them. Venturing into ebook self publishing can […]

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Make Money Online, Working from Home

working from home

Show me a man or woman who doesn’t want to become rich and I’ll show you a person who has a possible psychological disorder. Everybody wants to make more money, including me. Passion aside, will you put in extra work hours at your job endlessly if there’s no monetary reward? Make money online while working […]

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Sources of Free Images for your Website, Posts and eBooks

sources of free images

Images have a HUGE impact in our self-published eBooks and articles affecting whether people will be drawn to your writings. You know this yourself: how eye-catching a picture is next to a set of words versus just a set of words. We must always respect copyright and image-licensing laws. Never just copy an image from […]

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How To Increase Website Traffic

Increase website traffic

(AKA How to Increase Website Traffic and Make More Money with Your 24/7/365 Internet Business) This wouldn’t have got written if I hadn’t broken my ankle in the Borneo jungle! Wearing a moon boot and confined to the house enabled me to finish my suite of eBooks and organize my thoughts on how to quickly […]

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