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OptimizePress, an Internet Marketer’s Secret Weapon

OptimizePress, an Internet Marketer’s Secret Weapon

Ever wanted to build a professional website similar to some of the world’s top premier brands? Looking for a cheap way to create a website that will look stunning on any mobile device? What if you could easily create professional membership sites, sales pages, squeeze pages and blogs in just a few minutes? Well this is what OptimizePress 2.0 offers to you.

Before we start, let us familiarize ourselves with what OptimizePress is. OptimizePress is a powerful plugin theme that is used for creating stunning pages such as membership sites and landing pages without you having the knowledge of coding or design.

The past two years, OptimizePress has without a doubt changed the way we conduct our business online, and with the launch of its new 2.0 version, OptimizePress is definitely stamping its mark as a household name in the Internet Marketing world. Whether you have used it or haven’t heard of it I am positive that you have come across an online site that uses OptimizePress for its product launches or even its membership  sites and in this article I am going to give you the features of OptimizePress 2.0 that are bound to give you an edge as an Internet marketer.

Theme vs Plugin

The good thing about the new OptimizePress version which is 2.0, is that it comes as a theme and as a plugin at the same time, this basically means that you can easily include it in your site as a theme or alternatively as a plugin which will open up the blogging functions thus reducing the hustle of installing a separate plugin. If you are planning on using it as a plugin then you are in luck as it the plugin will have an appearance of a completely different theme while still remaining with some of the default settings that your current theme has.

Live Editor

The second feature in our list today is the Live Editor; this is actually one of the biggest changes that come with the new OptimizePress version that is bound to give you an edge in how you go about your work of creating professional websites. Thanks to its stunning live editor with a what you see is what you get platform, the new version of OP.2 does not require you to use shortcodes so as to add new elements in your site, and thanks to its numerous elements and column layouts for you to use, the new OptimizePress 2.0 makes the creation of your professional sales page with ease.


From column text, audio players, bullet blocks, content toggle to affiliate page snippets, the new version of OptimizePress 2.0 offers a vast number of elements to help you style up your landing or sales page with ease in other words, this new version offers you with elements that offer you with endless opportunities when it comes to structuring and designing your sales or membership site.  Upon selecting any of these elements you are bound to have a variety of options on how you could style it for you to customize your website for it to have a personal touch.

New Templates and Template Sharing

If you are an internet marketer who is a season pro with OptimizePress, then this new version is the ideal tool for you. OptimizePress 2.0 comes with an option of selling or shairing some of your best sales page, squeeze page or any other that page that you have created and its converting really well.  To well facilitate this OptimizePress comes with a marketplace where internet marketers can sell or give away some of the professional stunning designs.

Mobile Responsive

With research indicating that one in every minute spent on browsing the internet is spent on a mobile device, it’s crucial for you as an internet marketer to structure your sales page or even your membership site to well reach people using mobile devices to browse the internet. The new version of OptimizePress offers you with the option of styling your landing pages in such a way that they are easily visible and accessible on mobile devices.

Membership Sites

As compared to the first version, OptimizePress 2.0 has vast possibilities when it comes to membership site functions. Unlike the first version, OptimizePress 2.0 comes with its own membership site software with all the functions you could think about for internet marketers to fully utilize. Planning to stick with Wish List Member (WLM), not to worry though as the new version of OptimizePress (2.0) will easily integrate with your Wish List Member similarly to its first version.

Email Integration

Tired of creating a sign up form and then copying and pasting them into OptimizePress for your email marketing service? With OptimizePress 2.0 you can now just simply connect your email service once through OptimizePress 2.0’s dashboard and while in the live editor you can easily select the email list you want to integrate with your form.

Powerful Internet Marketing Tools

One of the most important features of OptimizePress 2.0 that is without a doubt a key aspect for every internet marketer is its ability to keep up to date with the latest and important methods in internet marketing in the form of plugins and addons. .

Shortcode Integration

If you happen to use WooCommerce for your shopping cart, then you are in luck. OptimizePress 2.0 have a variety of plugins which easily work with shortcodes can be integrated with OptimizePress 2.0. This feature will enable you to easily design your cart or even checkout pages which are similar in design with your page.

Image with Javascript Alert

These feature will enable internet marketers to take there still images of video players and offer them for free. By doing this you can market a product or service that you are offering by simply highlighting it so that whenever someone clicks on it, there will be a pop up message promting them to sign up to your list.

One Time Offer Count Down

With the new version of OptimizePress, as a marketer you can be able to use this element to display a timer on your page that will get to indicate the time left for a page to expire.  This will also help out when the page expires as it will send people to a different page.

One Time Fee Pricing

With many Internet marketing products asking for a monthly or an annual fee so as to be able bring in profit; OptimizePress 2.0 has a onetime fee which I must say is really good and convenient as well. What does this mean? Well, once payment has been made you will be the sole owner of the plugin and the theme that you will be using. With its X-site licence for your own use, marketplace access, plugin & theme versions, optimizemember add-on for secure membership areas & product delivery plus a one year support & core updates, the new version of OptimizePress will cost you a fee off $97.


As an Internet marketer you should have in mind that your website is your exclusive shop window, so make sure to fill it with services and products bound to impress your visitors as much as you can and in the shortest amount of time.

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