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Monetise your Blog with Affiliate Marketing

Monetise your Blog with Affiliate Marketing

Presuming you have already sourced and joined your favourite affiliate marketing program (clickbank and shareasale are some of our favourites) you will now be wondering how best to get your affiliate marketing underway, and start earning money. We hope these tips helps you monetise your blog with affiliate marketing.

Quality content is your starting point.

Your content must be well written and entertaining to spark your readers interest. To entice readers to click on your links, you need ads that are relevant to your content.

Adding the affiliate links to your content and a natural, organic way, will also draw more response. Blaring wording like “Click here now to buy eBooks” will create less interest than “Having a great selection of ‘Ebooks’ is fun”.

Let the affiliate ads compliment your content, and have a good balance between user experience and monetization. Don’t overdo the affiliate ads. It would be better to have two or three well placed, content related affiliate links or ads, than a page full of ugly links. This would certainly turn readers off.

With some well thought out strategy of placement, affiliate marketing integrated into your blogs could provide a nice little income.

Do you have other tips to monetise your blog with affiliate marketing? We would love to hear them! Comment with your tips below.

Monetise your blog with affiliate marketing

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