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Make Money Online, Working from Home

Make Money Online, Working from Home

Show me a man or woman who doesn’t want to become rich and I’ll show you a person who has a possible psychological disorder. Everybody wants to make more money, including me. Passion aside, will you put in extra work hours at your job endlessly if there’s no monetary reward? Make money online while working from home.

A lot of us have had to work with that super-annoying person, or the boss who is unimpressed with our valiant efforts. If that’s the case, I think you need to start looking elsewhere for an income. I don’t say quit your job, don’t get me wrong. Probably you are a student and we all know that an extra source of income will go a long way. Well it’s time to start something for yourself.

From the title of this article you are that I will expect I will talk about making money online, working at home (smiles) and finally E-book publishing. I want to believe you have read over a thousand posts on making money online and being independent (*winks). Regarding this here is what I have to say: while a lot of us read articles on making money online, only few people act on these steps and principles. Knowledge may be power, but it becomes real power when acted upon.

Benefits of Working from Home

I don’t think I need to tell you the benefits of working from home. I think I should leave a blank space for you to fill in. Anyway, here are my top benefits for me of working from home.

  • I am my own boss: I wake up whenever I like and sleep whenever I like (This may mean I wake up at 2am and sleep at 10pm, my choice).
  • I have extra income.
  • I learn new things: Sometimes I had to study and take professional courses to handle a client’s job.
  • The only person I try to surpass or impress is me and my clients.
  • It saves me the hassle of transportation.

Well you can add to this list.

If you are reading this article I believe you want to make money online so let’s get to the point. Below are some of the ways proven to work that you can use to make money online, working from home.

  1. Sell a Product or Service: This doesn’t really sound like it, right? I’ll explain. If you are a start-up or you have a product or service to market, the best place to start is online. This is because, the world is a global village and you have millions of people ready to buy anything, yes anything. And most importantly, it can cost you nothing to build your business using free online tools like WordPress!
  2. Start a Blog: That leaves you to work on your marketing skills. I have ample experience in this field so I am fit to advise you. Start a blog. This may not be new to you yet it remains one of the ways people make money online and working from home. During my blogging days, I wrote for a couple of paid content sites and tried some advert options. With several ad companies emerging every day, you are sure to make money if you are consistent and do not quit. WordPress and Google are your friends if you want to go into blogging.
  3. I repeat: be consistent and do not quit
  4. Online Freelancing: Do you have a skill? Advertise it online. You don’t a skill? Well learn one. Once a potential client is convinced about your value and worth, they will be willing to pay for your services., Odesk, Elance, Skilled pages are all your friends if this is the path you decide to take.
  5. Writing E-books: I may not be a prolific writer, but I know there are people whose words make a lot of sense on paper. On a general case, your words ought to make sense if you know what you are talking about. In essence, you can write ebooks on topics you’ve well researched before publishing them. This is a sure way of making money online and working from home if you are detailed enough and provide value.
  6. Let’s assume you have gone through the research and writing steps and you want to publish. There are so many platforms to publish and showcase what you have. These include:
  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  • NOOK Press
  • Smashwords
  • Lulu
  • iBooks Author
  • BookBaby

So whatever your reason may be and whichever option you choose to implement, making money online is fun and the best time to start is now.

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