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Earn a Retirement Income from Writing Ebooks

Earn a Retirement Income from Writing Ebooks

Ever asked yourself if it’s possible for you to earn a retirement income from writing Ebooks, well yes you can. There are several of ways as a writer that you could put into place so as to help you in make money even after retirement. In this article we have listed ways in which as an Ebook writer you can be able to earn a retirement income.

  1. Create your own Ebooks.

If you are in a position as a writer to have created a variety of Ebooks over the past years, you can take this into your advantage and see how you could capitalize on this. You may choose to market your work through use of word of mouth from people who have already read and bought yours Ebooks, this will help you reach out to many people and as a result you will be able to earn some cash from any transaction that will be brought about with you book. You can choose to begin with just one book and eventually plan to grow your Ebook collection as time goes.


  1. Create your own Ecourses. 


Creating your own e-course based on your Ebooks can also be the perfect way for you to earn a retirement income from writing Ebooks. Thanks to the advancement in technology such as webinars and video technologies, you can now reach out to a larger audience in a very short period of time. This in turn has given many Ebook writers an option of creating an online course which will not only educate but also earn money for them.


  1. Create a blog you can sell.


As an Ebook writer, chances are that you happened to create a blogs for your Ebooks. If those blogs happened to provide relevant information then chances are your blog was and is still receiving a considerable amount of traffic. With that in mind you can approach or even attract a company so as to purchase your blog from you for them to run. Examples of blogs which have been sold include these means of making income which has been used include, Get Rich Slowly, Freelance Writing Gigs and which reportedly Sold for a remarkable $170 million.


  1. Create a Web-based service business Based on Your Ebook


Creating a web based service based on one of your Ebooks is just another way for writers to earn a retirement income from writing ebooks. Case and point is Pete Shankman. Peter was able to create a web based service called Help a Reporter Out, a service which became a major hit and with that its Ad revenue rose to reported $ 1 Million. Help a Reporter Out was later sold to Vocus in 2010.


  1. Write a smash-hit Ebook


Having a best seller for example The 1-Minute Manager is one of the easiest way for you to earn a retirement income from writing Ebooks. Once you have managed to come up with a nonpareil information that could keep selling for years and years to come, then you should start writing that Ebook and starting pitching it around.


  1. Save Some Money 


Just like in any other profession stacking money away as your savings is crucial for your retirement. It’s pretty simple actually, save money and you will be able to retire on it and if you don’t save the money then your options will be very limited. The key to saving is always to look at your daily or even monthly expenses and make a decision to cutting them. Having a few dollars in the bank will give you the option of saying no to projects that you do not want.

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