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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

As business owners, we are looking for ways to get our business names out there. Social Media Marketing can be the perfect solution. After all, the more people who visit your site, the increased potential there is, for new customers. In turn, more customers means more sales and profits.

Social Media MarketingSocial media is a great way to bring people to our site. In fact, over 80% of small business owners use sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram to help grow their business.

There are lots of reasons why social media marketing could be right for your business but the stand out reason for me, is the exposure. Social media platforms allow you to target your audience, as well as connect, and interact with them. If customers are happy with your products or service, they can help spread the word for you. Satisfied customers will more than likely share your business with their friends. It can be a snowball effect.

Lots of people are on social media these days and the platforms are really popular among consumers. For example, Facebook has over 1.7 billion monthly users. That is a lot of potential customers. Some businesses use Facebook alone, to sell their products. Setting up a Facebook business page is super easy and very effective. If you are mindful of costs, Facebook is a great low-cost advertising option, allowing you to promote your content and special offers. Paid advertising options are also available for those who wish to use them.

Although it is great when people visit your website, social media encourages communication with your custoers. This opens up the opportunity for you collect feedback on your products or services. Customers are able to ask questions, read reviews and feedback from others and allows you to learn more about your audience.

Social media helps you to get to know your customers on a more personal level, but the same can be said in reverse. Social media lets your customers get to know you. Your website is great for displaying information and gives you an avenue to make sales, but it can be pretty inpersonal. Posting to social media is more personal and can be light-hearted and fun.

Do you want to use social media marketing but don’t have the time? There are lots of options to help you save time while keeping your campaign active. Integrating plugins, or software to post automatically to facebook etc, is a fantastic option. You could also hire a professional to take care of all your social media marketing for you.

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