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Are You Advertising on Facebook Yet

Are You Advertising on Facebook Yet

With over a billion people currently registered and active, Facebook is emerging as the perfect online platform for reaching out to a wider audience of people with different ideology. With its easy step by step set up procedure Facebook is quickly surpassing big online companies such as Google and Yahoo as the go to site for online advertising. Thanks to its simplicity anyone who wants to advertise on Facebook can easily do that in a matter of minutes. In this article we are going to show you the easy steps that you can use when creating a Facebook ad.

Before you can be able to advertise your business/ebook on Facebook, you need to first create your business/ebook Facebook page. Once you have settled on creating a new account for your business, make sure that you follow the instructions given by Facebook carefully.

Creating your business/ebook account in Facebook is easy, first you need to identify the category in which your business/ebook is in, with your Facebook page name already in place the next step for you will be to add a business/ebook slogan, this will help visitors on your page to quickly identifier with your product/services in one sentence.

Pictures play a crucial role in Facebook, therefore your next step will be to select a profile picture that you would like your business/ebook page to be associated with, the same applies for the cover photo, being the first thing that visitors to your page will see make sure to make it relevant and catchy.

Once you have completely created your account your next step will be to create your ad, for you to create an ad on Facebook you need to click on the “Create an ad link” which is found on the right-hand sidebar on your Facebook page that you just created. Before placing your ad, it is good to know that Facebook offers a variety of advertising options that can easily suit your business/ebook needs, you can either choose to go for sponsored stories or Facebook Ads, Facebook ads includes a specific message or call to action which will be written by you so it is higly recommended that you select it.

While placing your Facebook ad, make sure to select the right audience for your product or services, don’t just advertise blindly. This can be achieved by selecting the location and demographic of your target audience, for example if you are selling your products in Berlin, Germany, make sure to select your target location as Germany. Demographic is also key, so therefore make sure to choose an age group that identifies with your product/services so as to effectively target them. Still on targeted advertising you can specify a specific interest that your business/ebook is about and Facebook will showcase your ad to people who match your interest.

After specifying your interest, your next step will be to choose your campaign, scheduling and pricing, this will enable you to choose the currency that you will be paying with, your campaign budget as well as when you would like your add to appear.

Lastly, Facebook offers two types of advertising; these are Pay per click and Pay per impression. Here you can choose what type of advertising you will be taking up, it is good to note that Clicks per impressions (CPM) are normally expensive than pay per clicks (CPC) so be sure to make the correct choice.

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