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15 Powerful Reasons to Sell EBooks on ClickBank

15 Powerful Reasons to Sell EBooks on ClickBank

Introduction to ClickBank

Completing a book is a very rewarding feeling for any writer. If you have written a non-fiction book, you will want to make sure that you publish it on a reputable site so that your hard work and effort will be paid off. This eBook will explain the benefits of publishing your work and sell ebooks on Clickbank. This company allows self-published writers to better control their writing success and they will not have to sell hundreds of thousands of copies to earn a decent income from their work.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a database of informational products, many of them being “how to” guides or informational books. It is an ideal place for self-published writers to have their eBooks discovered and it is user friendly whether you are new or a long term user.

There are many compelling reasons why ClickBank is the best place to get your new publication noticed and earn the money that you deserve. You no longer have to worry about taken advantage of by publishing companies that scan authors out of a fair royalty. You are very likely planning to make a career out of writing. The idea of being a struggling writer for years probably does not appeal to you. Maybe you are confused as to what publishing route might be the best for you and your readership. You are likely concerned about how people are going to find your book and how you will be able to market future eBooks to them.

Read more to learn about why publishing your book through ClickBank is the best decision you can make for your writing success.

Why ClickBank Is Better Than Traditional Publishing

Traditional publishers pay very low royalties to their writers. Usually 5% royalty of book sales is the average, and many books do not turn into best sellers even if they are with one of the top publishing companies. There is no guarantee if you are signed on with a traditional publisher.

The difference from publishing on your own is that they will pay the cover and printing costs for you, but the trade-off is the low commission and they control how the book is presented. The writer loses power over their own work and they end up making very little profit most of the time. This is the reality of the publishing industry. There are some writers who make it big by going the traditional route, but self-publishing can be just as lucrative.

Many authors who go the traditional route (Roughly 7 out of 10) rarely make more than their advance from the company. More and more authors are not receiving advances from publishing companies with the way the economy is heading.

No Printing Costs

There are many self publishing companies out there – most of them force authors to pay hefty sign up fees and this generally covers a print run as well as distribution services. Unlike other self-publishing companies that often require a print run of at least 1,000 copies, your book will stay in digital format with ClickBank. This keeps things simpler for you as the writer and it reduces the market to the online segment so that all marketing can be directed to an audience that would only buy eBooks. This in turn keeps costs down, which is essential for anyone who wants to make it as a successful writer.

Why It Is Better Than Kindle, iBooks, and Nooks

You will generally end up paying quite a bit (On average 30% of your sales) on the book cover design, editor, formatter, etc. when you publish through these companies when you go through these companies. They do not charge an upfront fee for eBooks, but you receive little to no tools to help you publish a good quality book. What little money you do make from these companies may not even cover the costs it took you to publish your eBook in the first place.

In addition, you do not have an opportunity to track your readers and discover who it is exactly that is interested in buying your books. These companies block you from finding out who your readership is. While it may not be a scam, these companies are definitely selling writers short.

It is one of the most important things, as a self-published writer, to know who your readers are. They are like gold to you because through them, you will figure out who is interested in your niche. You can stay connected to them and build more of a relationship with them through tools and services available through ClickBank.

However, Amazon and Apple use an old business model that a lot of authors take in order to avoid going the traditional publishing route, but they still end up getting robbed of their true sales potential because they cannot track their customers.

The ClickBank Business Model

ClickBank’s business model is what they call the “Infopreneurial Model”. This is likely the first time you have heard this term. It is different from the old model in that it allows you the ability to keep track of your readers and buyers, and sell to them again. With a targeted audience, your power to earn money drastically rises. As an author on Kindle or any of the other self-publishing platforms, you need to sell tens of thousands of copies in order to generate a significant income.

If you are an infropreneur, then you are aware of your readers. This makes you able to generate more income from a smaller number of buyers. How? You can do this by marketing more material to them. This is the business model that can transform authorship into a real business that can generate a sustainable income.

You Will Earn More on ClickBank

You can make more money selling your eBook on Clickbank than on any other self-publishing website. Firstly, because you can charge more for your eBook than you are able to on a website like Amazon Kindle. For example, most eBooks on Kindle go for $2.99. On Clickbank, you can charge a lot more ($29.97) provided that the value is there.

In many cases, people will pay more for non-fiction eBooks than for fiction eBooks. People will spend money on a good book that educates, inspires, or motives them. Clickbank allows you to set your price based on what you feel your eBook is worth.

Easy Payments

Unlike many self-publishing companies, ClickBank does not pay its authors via PayPal. This prevents account freezes, which can happen on PayPal if a large sum of money is deposited and they want to investigate.

ClickBank will pay through direct deposit every two weeks. It is a much more reliable and convenient means of receiving royalties for your books. You can also see how there would be a lot less book keeping needed to keep track of your earnings.

Bundle Items to Justify Higher Price

You can add extras to your book such as videos (Which are easy to make) which create a sense of value to customers. You can also group eBooks together to make a collection that would entice readers to buy. As long as people get the feeling that they are getting a special deal or a bonus, they will be much more likely to buy. With ClickBank, you get to decide when you want to bundle other items with your eBook. You can even issue signed copies or have bookmarks made. Customers appreciate these little extras more than you might think.

A Global Sales Force of Affiliates Will Help Sell Your Book

This is how selling on ClickBank can earn you more money. In fact, Click Bank has one of the most active affiliate sites. There are literally thousands of affiliates who are willing to market your book for you. A lot of these people have their own websites that see hundreds of visitors per day. These visitors will likely buy whatever the marketer is selling on their site.

The reason why these people would sell your book for you is because they will receive commission on it. This ranges from 25 to 75%. While this number might seem high, recall the price flexibility that was mentioned earlier. You can set your book price higher to accommodate the high commission rates.

This drastically reduces your marketing duties so that you can put more time into writing more books while affiliate marketers are selling your books for you. ClickBank offers a definite advantage over Amazon.

ClickBank Is Credible

Being in business since 1998, Click Bank is a reliable company with a good reputation. They have assisted many authors gain success and achieve their dreams by providing them with a way to make money on things they are knowledgeable in.

Click Bank gives writers an exceptional alternative to traditional publishing, which focuses on selling one book at a time. Instead, ClickBank delivers a more long-term approach that allows for repeat sales as times passes. It is a more successful and stable business model that writers can feel confident about.

It allows people to reach their niche and even package their books and products the way that they envisioned, instead of a traditional publisher dictating to the writer what they should do. Backed by over 100,000 affiliates, a writer can feel confident that there is a marketing force behind them that will aid in book promotion and sales.

Exceptional Customer Service

You will always be treated as a valued customer by ClickBank. They are always there to assist you in the publishing process or if you need help reaching your publishing goals. They provide new users with a step by step guide in the publishing process. ClickBank will show authors how to understand their “info-prenuerial approach”, how to plan and develop product offerings, how to set up your own storefront, and how to promote and sell your product offerings.

In each helpful module, ClickBank provides a complimentary study guide as well as extra work sheets so that you can keep track of everything and organize your plans. It is so simple to get started, that you can begin today if your book is already completed.

ClickBank offers their first module for free, which is a great benefit for those who are just starting out. They provide authors with the expertise and tools to become successful.

You Are In Charge

You are the one that gets to control everything, from the content of your eBook, the website design, the marketing plan, and what you do with your earnings. You are able to check up on what you make at any time. With ClickBank, you are the owner of your own work and that gives people an amazing sense of accomplishment. In addition, you can adjust the price of your eBook any time you wish in order to experiment with the most popular price and see what customers are willing to pay.

ClickBank gives you the ability to upsell or down sell in order to attract more affiliates or to boost more sales.

Contact Super Affiliates

Yes, that is right. There are super affiliates available that can sell your book in larger quantities. You are able to locate and recruit super affiliates. This is yet another great way to market your eBook and make a name for yourself while receiving a better profit than other self-publishing companies such as Amazon. Super affiliates are those who take extra initiative and learn how to maximize sales through trial and error.

Click Bank Powered 

There is another tool that will make things much easier for you as an infopreneur. At a reasonable price, you can opt into the helpful service called ClickBank Powered. It helps you to build and grow your business through a variety of ways. You will literally have everything that you need to manage and optimize your eBooks.


ClickBank Powered gives you the tools that essential in helping you to create your own website, sell your eBooks, and stay in touch with your customers. The best part is, it is very simple to use. It will walk you through, step by step, on how to create a unique and marketable website.

It takes the stress and the hassle away from you. It is probably one of the most powerful tools you can have to increase the credibility of your eBook. Another great feature of ClickBank Powered is the mailing list, which will be explained in further detail below.

This is another great example of why investing a bit of money up front can be invaluable with your success as a self-published author. It takes the guess work out of the publishing process and you will receive the support you  need.

You Can Stay In Touch With Your Customers

You might not have thought so, but your mailing list will actually become one of your most powerful tools to grow your earnings as well as your author name. Having a mailing list allows you to turn buyers into customers. Customers then become repeat customers. ClickBank helps you to manage and build your mailing lists from the start so that you can begin on the right foot and continue moving forward.

You can grow your lists as well as manage them automatically. It is a simple as pointing and clicking in order to add an email capture form on your site. ClickBank handles the email bounces, subscriptions, un-subscriptions, and opt-ins for you. When prospective customers turn into customers, that is also automatically kept track of.

This is your chance to build a relationship with your customers. You can do so by sending out weekly or bi-weekly emails to update customers and remind them of your books. Opt-in emails are arguable one of the best ways to ensure repeat business. Plus, you can market other products that your customers may be interested in. It will pique their interest.

Using Social Media to Market Your eBook 

One great thing about using social media to market your books is that it is completely free. It is essential to keep up a blog, a Twitter, a Facebook fan page, etc. to stay connected with your readers and also to create hype before a new book is released. You can also make great use of your mailing list to announce new book releases or special promotions as well.

Using ClickBank as your publishing platform means that no one is telling you how to market or where to market. The decision is up to you, so you can be as creative as you wish and you can explore many types of marketing strategies until you find one that works well for you.

ClickBank’s Modules

ClickBank’s modules show you how easy it is to sell your eBooks online and be successful at it. Module 1 is “Understanding the Infopreneurial Approach”. Module 2 is “Planning and Developing Your Own Product Offerings.” Module 3 is “Setting Up Your Own Online Store” and Module 4 is “Promoting and Selling Your Product Offerings.”

These modules will allow you to see how simple it is to become successful at selling your eBooks. As you can see, ClickBank is extremely helpful when it comes to ensuring the success of customers who want to make a living off of their work. You would not find this much help from Amazon or Apple.

Familiarize yourself with everything before starting so that you can be as prepared as you can be. When you understand the business approach and how to make use of the online store, to name just a few of ClickBank’s helpful tools, you will feel confident and competent in your ability to be a self-published author. You will find how simple it is to use ClickBank and you will see your eBook’s popularity grow in a shorter time period than with other self-publishing companies.


As you can now see, ClickBank is a superior self-publishing platform that allows you to manage your own success. They give you the tools that you need to earn what you are worth through their unique infopreneurial business model. You will have the power to constantly improve your own business and you can most effectively market your books.

There are so many resources for you to make use of and with the affiliates; your earnings can go from modest to successful in less time than it would take by going through the traditional route. The best part is, you get to be involved in your own eBook. No one tells you what to do with your books at ClickBank.

For more information on how to create an eBook on ClickBank step-by-step, feel free to read  through “Ebook Self-Publishing Secrets” for even more helpful tips and guidelines.

I hope you enjoyed Powerful Reasons to Sell EBooks on ClickBank


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