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10 Ways to Get a Free Website

10 Ways to Get a Free Website

With the ever growing number of users online, it goes without saying that in this day and age, everyone needs a website. A website is a common tool for many companies, well known personalities or just any individual who strive to have an online presence. Thus the question is, is it possible for one to get a website up and running without spending a single cent? Yes, one can get a website for free. In this article we are going to show you 10 ways or steps that you can follow to get a free website.

  1. Find a perfect free web hosting company. This can be achieved by conducting a search for “free websites or free web hosting companies” on various search engines such as google and bing.


  1. Browse through some of the various web hosting companies that will pop up from the search query that you conducted. This is bound to be a daunting task, due to the number of web hosting companies listed. Concentrate on the first couple of pages of results.


  1. Select a web host that offers its services for free. More and more web hosting companies listing themselves as free while in reality they are not. You are advised to pick one that will not request any payments.


  1. Find a web host that perfectly fits your website’s size needs. It is important to note that picking a web host that offers a large web space while your website requires a small size will in the long run have a negative effect on your website.


  1. Identify a web host that will cater to your design needs. If you are looking to create a website which has an original design, it is advised that you stay away from web hosting companies which offer very minimal designs.


  1. Pre-installed applications and bandwidth is another thing that anyone looking to create a website needs to consider. A web host that offers pre-installed applications and a reasonable bandwidth tends to reduce the amount of work in the future.


  1. Find a web host that offers a web builder. A web builder comes in handy especially for people who are not tech savvy but would still like to create a website of their own for free.


  1. Identify a web host that offers free domain. Domains are a must have for you to have your website online.


  1. With some web host have ridiculous demands before you could sign up for their services. It is advised that you choose a web hosting company that is easy to join.


  1. Finally, a good website is only as good as its content, thus you are advised to pick a perfect content for your website that is unique and is bound to attract more visitors.

Whether you are a professional in building websites or not, it is easy for you to get a free website in this day and age, just follow the 10 ways listed above and you will have your own website.


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