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Sources of Free Images for your Website, Posts and eBooks

sources of free images

Images have a HUGE impact in our self-published eBooks and articles affecting whether people will be drawn to your writings.

You know this yourself: how eye-catching a picture is next to a set of words versus just a set of words.

We must always respect copyright and image-licensing laws. Never just copy an image from Google Images and use it in your eBook or on your website.

Here are my favorite sources of free images –
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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

As business owners, we are looking for ways to get our business names out there. Social Media Marketing can be the perfect solution. After all, the more people who visit your site, the increased potential there is, for new customers. In turn, more customers means more sales and profits. Continue reading…

How to remain productive while working from home

Working from home is often the ultimate dream for creative minds. Being able to work your own hours, while enjoying the freedom of doing what you want is very enticing.   While it all sounds incredibly exciting, the reality is, it can be hard to stay productive. Unless you live on your own, the distractions […]

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Monetise your Blog with Affiliate Marketing

Monetise your blog with affiliate marketing

Presuming you have already sourced and joined your favourite affiliate marketing program (clickbank and shareasale are some of our favourites) you will now be wondering how best to get your affiliate marketing underway, and start earning money. We hope these tips helps you monetise your blog with affiliate marketing.

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How to publish and sell eBooks on Amazon

selling ebooks on amazon kindle

Amazon has the numbers! Yes, Amazon is a great way to sell your eBooks online because it is a tried and tested online market place giving you increased exposure to a massive prospective customer base. Plus, Amazon has over 310 million active customer accounts, worldwide. Those impressive numbers, make it obvious that all self-publishers should […]

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Retire in the Philippines (You won’t Believe How Little It Will Cost)

PasigCity Manila Philippines

Yes that is right; the monthly expense that you will be parting with once you decide to retire in the Philippines is unbelievable. Your small income might be small yes, but in Philippines it will seem like a kingly fortune.

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Retire in Chiang Mai for less Than $1,000 a Month

Chiang Mai

Finance, natural beauty, cultural enrichment and the need to communicate in English are just some of key factors that set Chiang Mai apart from the rest when it comes to a sweet place/country to retire. Combine that with its simple visa acquiring process, which requires you to be at least 50 years of age and […]

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Earn a Retirement Income from Writing Ebooks

Earn a Retirement Income from Writing Ebooks

Ever asked yourself if it’s possible for you to earn a retirement income from writing Ebooks, well yes you can. There are several of ways as a writer that you could put into place so as to help you in make money even after retirement. In this article we have listed ways in which as […]

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OptimizePress, an Internet Marketer’s Secret Weapon

OptimizePress, an Internet Marketer’s Secret Weapon

Ever wanted to build a professional website similar to some of the world’s top premier brands? Looking for a cheap way to create a website that will look stunning on any mobile device? What if you could easily create professional membership sites, sales pages, squeeze pages and blogs in just a few minutes? Well this […]

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The Most Effective Tips for Writing Content

Tips for Writing Content

Writing content is one of the most challenging yet fun tasks that you can ever do once you crafted the art of content writing. A great written content should be more than well written, it should be able to effectively communicate a certain message to a reader, not only is it supposed to effectively communicate, […]

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15 Powerful Reasons to Sell EBooks on ClickBank

Reasons to sell ebooks on clickbank

Introduction to ClickBank Completing a book is a very rewarding feeling for any writer. If you have written a non-fiction book, you will want to make sure that you publish it on a reputable site so that your hard work and effort will be paid off. This eBook will explain the benefits of publishing your […]

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